ATMC Wireless Support

Three-way Calling

This service enables you to add a third party to a two-way conversation. Regular airtime rates are charged for each call.

Instructions for Use

To Add A Third Party:
Dial the number of the third party, including the area code, while the original party is on the phone. Press SEND. This sends the call to the third party and puts your original call on hold. To establish the three-way call, push SEND again either before or after the third party answers. If the third party is busy or does not answer, push SEND once to disconnect the third party. An alternate third party can then be added by repeating steps 1 and 2.

To Remove A Party:
To remove just the third party in a three-way call, push SEND once. This restores the original two-way conversation and a new third party may be added. To remove just the original party in the three-way call, the original party must hang up. This sets up a two-way call between you and the third party. You may now add another party to the conversation by repeating steps 1 through 3. You should wait about 15 seconds before adding another third party.

To End A Three-Party Call:
Either press END, or all three parties may hang up. You should wait about 15 seconds before placing another call.

Caller is billed for the duration of each call.