Guide To Troubleshooting Telephone Service

These simple tests may help determine the source of your telephone service problem, as well as save you time and money!

Problem: Cannot receive calls

Make sure your ringer has not been turned off.

Problem: Cannot dial out

If you do not have touch tone service, make sure that your phone is set on P or Pulse. If you have touch tone service, try another phone.

Problem: Static on the line

Check all telephone cords - from jack to telephone base and from telephone base to the handset - make sure they are not loose or damaged. Move the cord around. If the static worsens, purchase a new cord.

Problem: No dial tone

  1. Hang up all telephones. Make sure phone accessories - cordless phones, answering or fax machines, computers, modems, security system, and telephone sets - are working. To check, unplug the phone cord from the unit or the jack, unplug the power to the devices, and inspect for damage. Leave everything unplugged for 5 minutes. Then try plugging in a standard phone set (not a cordless) to see if the trouble still exists.
  2. If all the phone accessories are working, go to your network interface box, (outside, where the phone line enters the house usually beside the electric meter.)
  3. Test to determine if the problem is inside or outside the house:

    A. Take a working phone to the network interface box (standard phone, not a cordless).

    B. Remove the modular plug from the test jack and insert the modular plug from your phone.
If the same problem occurs at the network interface box: The problem may be in the phone line. Call Atlantic Telephone to report trouble with your line. If the problem does not occur at the network interface box: The problem may be in your wiring. Call Atlantic Telephone to report trouble in your inside wiring. If the problem is in your telephone set: Follow the instructions on your warranty or contact your equipment retailer for repair or replacement.

Problem: Unable to call long distance

  1. Try using a different phone
  2. You will need to contact your long distance company to determine the source of the problem.

Problem: Power surge, outage, or thunderstorm has occurred

Equipment that is plugged into electrical outlets will not work during a power outage. Unplug all cordless phones, answering machines, fax machines, and computers. Plug in one standard phone and check for dial tone.