Understanding Your Bill

Page 1

Bill Summary Information
The first page of the bill includes summary information for telephone and cable TV services. Located at the bottom of the page is the payment stub that must be returned with your payment.

Page 2

Be sure to check page 2 each month for important information in the "Atlantic Spotlight" section. Check this section each month for information about our products and services, including any current promotions. Also included on this page is a section called "Understanding Your Bill." This section provides information on the many ways to pay your bill as well as a key to the codes that define different types of long distance calls.

Page 3

Monthly Services - Bill Detail Information
Your services are detailed beginning on page 3 under the "Monthly Services" section. Telephone service detail is listed by telephone number. For example, if you have two phone lines on this account, the services for each phone line will be listed separately. Also included in this section will be taxes and miscellaneous charges such as the FCC Access Charge. Detail of your cable TV services is included in this section as well.

Other Charges/Credits

This section will detail any one-time charges you may have incurred to add a new telephone or cable TV service. It will also include the pro-rated portion of the monthly rate if you added or removed a service in the middle of your billing cycle.


This section will list any long distance carriers you have selected for your account. It will also list telephone numbers for those carriers should you have a question about a toll charge on your bill.

Toll Charges

All of your toll charges for long distance calls will be listed on the last page(s) of your bill. Long distance calls will be listed by carrier.