Prorated Billing

Prorated charges are located under the 'Other Charges & Credits' section of your billing statement. These charges may appear whenever you initiate service, add service, change service plans or add features to your account. Prorated charges reflect the portion of the month in which the services were used.
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When you install service or add services & features

1. Prorating begins on the first day of activation of your requested service or feature, & ends on the day of your next billing cycle.
2. Services & features are billed one month in advance.
3. Usage charges will apply when applicable.
4. All subsequent bills will reflect your monthly service and feature charges.

(Example: Your billing cycle is from September 1 - September 30 & you add a feature on September 10th. Your October statement will reflect the full month service charge for the added feature & a prorated charge for 20 days in September.)

When you disconnect services & features

1. You will receive a credit for services and features from the day of disconnection through the last day of your last billing cycle.

(Example: Your billing cycle is from September 1 - September 30 & you disconnect your service September 10th. You will receive a credit for 20 days in September for that service. This credit will appear on your next month billing statement.)