ATMC Webmail

ATMC's New Web Mail Service

ATMC is pleased to introduce our new Web Mail service, offering better functionality, more options and a fresh new look.

Don't worry - the way you access your email, your email address and your password has not changed. Your emails and your saved contact information are still available. Your "white list" addresses and "black list" blocked addresses are also still in effect. Simply keep doing what you have been doing when you are ready to send or check your email. The new user interface is very similar in look and feel to Outlook®.

New Features

  • Email Preview Window
  • File size information
  • SPAM folder - Spam files currently sent to your "Greymail" folder will be contained in a "Spam" folder and "Greymail" will no longer be sent in a separate email with link.
  • Drag, Drop, Copy & Move multiple files at once.

Additional Options

  • Personal Profile - update your personal information
  • Email Forwarding - automatically forward your email to another address
  • Auto Response - automatically respond to all emails with a custom message
  • Check External Mail - retrieve messages from other email accounts
  • Email Rules - automatically process new messages as they are received
  • Email Notification - receive a notice at another email address when you have new mail
  • SpamShield Pro - automatically processes junk mail
  • Signature - customize a signature to append to your outgoing messages
  • Preferences - customize your time zone and reply address and how you want to manage your messages
If you experience any problems or have any questions regarding the new email service, call ATMC's Technical Support Services at 866-951-4357 (HELP) or contact us at:

Thank you for choosing ATMC as your Internet Provider.

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