Our History

ATMC Historical Photos:

each other in even the most remote areas. We are also the owner of Brunswick County's largest wireless communications network with coverage throughout the county and five wireless retail locations.

Today, ATMC is the largest telephone cooperative in North Carolina and one of the largest in the nation. We offer a wide scope of products and services, including telephone, cable TV, long distance, Wireless, Business Communications Systems, broadband, security and more.

Our cooperative employs over 200 individuals in a wide array of technical and professional fields. We believe in the cooperative principles of ownership, helping customers maintain high levels of trust in the products and services we provide and our close ties to this community.

As we look at Brunswick County today, it's hard to imagine how it was in 1955 when we were just beginning. The barrier islands were accessible only by boat or ferry. Farming was the primary industry and communication with the outside world was limited to the postal system.

ATMC was chartered that year. In 1957, with just 2 employees, we began providing service to 530 customers. Telephone was the only type of service offered at that time, but as the county grew, so did ATMC. During the sixties, ATMC went from providing shared ''party line'' service to private single-party service for all of its members. By 1972, ATMC was providing service to over 75% of the county.

Along the way, we upgraded our telephone switching from analog to all digital, and we began adding popular telephone features like call waiting and caller ID. In 1982, ATMC entered the entertainment service by launching cable TV service with eight channels. Today that number has grown to over 200.

In the 1990s, we completed a fiber optic network which increased the stability of our voice network and allowed us to provide the community with high speed Internet access. Through a partnership with Brunswick County Schools, ATMC is empowering educators to take learning to the next level by providing high-speed Internet access to their county schools. In 2005, the cooperative was one of the first companies in the state to offer Fiber-To-The-Home technology for delivery of telephone, cable TV and high-speed Internet services.

In addition, ATMC helped establish a new E911 Communications System for Brunswick County, enabling county, law enforcement and emergency officials to communicate with